Recommendations for sun protection

How to protect your skin from damage:


  • Avoid exposure to harmful environmental factors (strong soaps, adult bath products, non-baby products).
  • Reduce contact with harmful factors (urine, feces).
  • Diapers should be changed frequently.
  • Wash the skin with lukewarm water, gently soak up the water from the skin especially in the folds and avoid rubbing it.
  • Use mild soaps and bath gels specifically designed for baby skin.
  • Immediately after each wash with water on well-dried skin, apply a protective cream specifically designed for baby skin care..
  • Use white cotton clothes.
  • Do not overheat your baby, dress the baby as you are dressed..
  • Maintain a normal temperature and humidity in the room. It is recommended that the temperature in the room be 20-21 degrees in the winter months.
  • Avoid exposing your baby to very cold, windy weather in the winter months or strong sun during the summer months.
  • For sun protection, use special creams for children's skin with UVA and UVB protection factor of at least 15.


Maintaining healthy skin as well as preventing exposure to toxic substances are a prerequisite for healthy skin later in life.