Shampoo and Foaming Bath 2 in 1 for Bibi’s and Bobby’s Little Friends

An ideal combination of two products for care and hygiene of children's skin and hair in one step.

The composition of the product is enriched with a combination of active substances of natural origin that have a mild effect and allow the dual purpose of the product to be fully adapted to the needs of children's skin and hair. One of the ingredients, Glyceril Oleate, belongs to the group of biolipids and is a physiological ingredient in the skin, and as an integral part of this product helps maintain the biolipid balance of the skin and contributes to improving its protective function.

The Aloe vera extract has a calming effect, i.e. protection against irritation and redness, and D-panthenol regulates skin moisture and does not allow it to dry, at the same time contributing to the hair being elastic and shiny. Wheat germ extract protects the skin from drying out and improves its softness and elasticity. This ingredient has already been proven to have effect, and when it comes to hair care, wheat germ helps to strengthen the hair, allowing the hair to be smooth, soft and shiny.

The product also contains a mild conditioner. With its double action, this product allows the care of children's skin and hair to be simple, while fully adapted to their needs. After bathing, the skin will be soft and smooth and the hair will be dull and shiny.


250 ml
Shampoo and Foaming Bath 2 in 1 for Bibi’s and Bobby’s Little Friends