Skin care

Baby skin care products should provide a natural protective barrier, protect it from external influences, retain moisture and prevent the growth of pathogenic microorganisms.

Baby skin that produces less sebum and sweat does not require frequent washing as in adults. Mild soaps with a pH of 4 - 6, mild lotions with moisturizing additives and oily bath gels without special additives for dry skin are recommended

  • Baby skin care products should not contain irritants or possible allergens.
  • The diaper area and crevices are particularly sensitive to surface layer damage and irritation.
  • For the diaper area, due to the frequent washing, it is recommended to use moisturizers that will maintain normal moisture, and will protect it from damage.
  • For other areas of baby skin, the use of skin care products depends primarily on the characteristics of the skin.
  • Normal-skin is velvety, with no acne and even in color.
  • Sensitive skin is prone to skin irritation, itching and redness, so emollients that do not contain possible allergens are recommended
  • If the skin is dry, emollients are used.
  • In hot areas, high outdoor temperatures and the use of warm clothing, emulsions are recommended, which have more water (fat in water), which prevents excessive heat retention and skin damage.

Why special skin care

The skin that covers the body should be kept healthy and as little disturbed as possible. Applying agents topically to the skin surface is easily and quickly resorbed due to the lack of intercellular connections. The large surface area also facilitates the absorption and toxicity of substances applied to the skin. Baby skin can easily lead to electrolyte imbalance, water imbalance and thermal instability.

Baby skin is particularly sensitive to cleansers because they contain strong chemicals that dry out the skin. Therefore, products intended for babies should be used.

Baby dry skin often occurs due to the inadequacy of the epidermal barrier.

Maintaining healthy skin and preventing exposure to toxic substances will provide the child with healthy skin in later life.