Rules for participation in the loyalty program

The loyalty program involves registering consumers in the system and recording their earned points in order to receive a promotional gift, which is part of an active promotional action at the time of application.

Points are collected with every purchase of Becutan products in all sales points (stores) in the territory of the Republic of North Macedonia, by taking a picture of the receipt and uploading the photo in the appropriate marked field on the web application itself.


• For purchased Becutan products worth 100 denars, you get 10 points.

100 MKD = 10 points.

The points are collected cumulatively, with each subsequent login and attachment of a receipt, they are added to the previously earned points..

NOTE: If the cumulative amount of purchased Becutan products on one or more accounts is between two rounded hundreds, the number of points is calculated according to the principle:

  • less than or equal to 49 denars (rounded up to the previous hundred in the sequence)
  • greater than or equal to 50 denars (rounded up to the next hundred in the sequence)



* If the amount of one or more receipts is MKD 649, the consumer is entitled to 60 points.

* If the amount of one or more receipts is 650 denars, the consumer is entitled to 70 points.

Points are used exclusively to receive a promotional gift for a selected promotion. After the end of the action, all points collected during the selected action are deleted.

  • Points cannot be used to purchase products in retail establishments.
  • Points cannot be exchanged for cash.
  • Points cannot be gifted, transferred, or otherwise made available to any person other than the person registered in the loyalty program.