Becutan in Bibi's world - sunscreen cream SPF50

Becutan sunscreen cream with SPF 50 provides high protection from UV rays. Contains UVA + UVB mineral filters that make a thin protective layer on the surface of the skin that physically reflects and rejects UV rays and does not allow their absorption into the skin.

In addition to protection from the harmful effects of the sun, this product also nourishes children's skin.

  • olive oil - hydrates the skin and prevents occurrence of rash
  • chamomile extract - protects the skin against irritation, has antibacterial effect and soothes the potential appearance of redness;
  • Vitamin E - maintains the normal moisture of baby skin and makes it soft and supple. It also acts as an antioxidant, i.e. prevents the action of free radicals;


100 ml
Becutan in Bibi's world - sunscreen cream SPF50