Becutan hand and face foam for children

Becutan hand and face wash foam is a particularly mild formulation of liquid soap, packed in a special type of packaging that allows the creation of a creamy foam with each squeezing of the contents. In this way, the daily routine of washing hands and face will become a fun habit for children and all that accompanied by the recognizable scent of Becutan!

The foam gently removes impurities from the hands and face, and the active components additionally protect and nourish the sensitive baby skin. Mild ingredients protect the skin from drying out.

What best removes impurities from the skin is actually the foam itself, and children often know how to be impatient and wash off before it is created. The special pump mechanism of the liquid soap Becutan creates the foam from the very squeezing of the bottle and thus provides a greater effect in removing impurities from the children's skin.

  • does not contain alcohol;
  • does not contain colors.;
  • does not contain parabens;
  • dermatologically tested;
  • with a balanced pH value for children's skin.


250 ml
Becutan hand and face foam for children